#TheAriesAlchemist and #TheWellnessLady Heart Chakra Bundle with charmed jar, preroll and yellow roses

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“Our Purpose Is People Powered.”

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Herbal Tonic crafted with love by #TheWellnessLady to aid your body in detoxing. Available in both 4oz and 8oz bottles.

Keep Refrigerated | Consume within 7 days of purchase | Heat up to drink or leave it cold

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Self-healing services and products guided and created by #TheWellnessLady & Friends in West Dayton, Ohio

Come Enjoy A Safe Space To Come Self-Heal.

Our purpose is people powered. We’re rooting for you.

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For a small investment of $20/month, get access to exclusive wellness events and discounted prices as a Wellness Warrior.

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The Herbal Bar

The Herbal Tonic

A detoxing drink for those who are trying to give their system a boost

The Wellness Lady Signature Blend | My Arthritis Tea

Herbs and spices to provide relief for those suffering from arthritis

The Green Dream

Detox & Purification Blend

The Sacral Delight

Sexual Healing & Pleasure Blend

Self-Healing Services at

Shon D’s Wellness House

Altar calls and grounding sessions with your favorite Holistic Health Advocate !

Book your intuitive reading on a Monday with #TheAriesAlchemist.

Book The Wellness Suite for an hour to meditate !

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