All About Spinal Cord Disease

Spinal Cord Disease is any disease that causes deterioration and/or damage to the spinal cord, such as tumors, hematoma, and vertebral fractures, etc. The spinal cord has bundles of nerve endings that travel from the base of the neck to the lower back. Any of these four spinal cord areas could potentially be impacted by Spinal Cord Disorder: Cervical, Lumbar, Thoracic, and Sacral.

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As mentioned, there are many different spinal cord diseases, so the symptoms may very. These are just a few symptoms that may indicate that something is wrong with the spine.

  • Spinal cord fracture
  • Tumors in spinal cord area
  • Weakened muscles
  • Paralysis of muscles or limbs
  • Loss of sensation
  • Difficulty controlling bladder and bowel function

Causes of Spinal Cord Disease

With there being many different kinds of spinal cord diseases, there are also many different causes. Some of them are caused by viruses or bacteria. Others are resulting from an injury. At any rate, always be sure that your doctor is explaining things in a way you can understand.


Physicians make the diagnosis on symptoms such as those listed above and results of a physical examination and imaging tests, such as magnetic resonance imaging.

Medical Marijuana and Spinal Cord Disease

The condition causing the spinal cord disease is corrected if possible, in many cases physical rehabilitation is necessary to regain as much function as possible.  Medical marijuana eases symptoms to give patients a better quality of life. MM helps most with all the different types of pain associated with this disease. Additionally:

  • After a spinal cord injury in the acute phase, researchers have discovered that cannabis can stimulate a neuroprotective response, helping activate two important sectors CB1 and CB2, which helps promote spontaneous recovery. These findings were discovered in a 2012 study in Spain.
  • A study conducted at the Switzerland Centre for Spinal Cord Injury in 2001 discovered that cannabis if inserted rectally, could make a huge impact on a person’s daily muscle spasticity. In this study, the patients who took the medicine orally did not see the same response. Sadly, no further research has been done on this SCI side-effect.
  • Medical marijuana may reduce hospital visits in patients with spinal cord disease.

Marijuana strains that help with associated pain include:

  • ACDC: This Sativa-dominant strain helps you relax and is perfect for pain sufferers.
  • Northern Lights: This Indica strain is great for pain relief and relaxation. It is one of the most popular Indica strains winning global recognition.  
  • Harlequin: This sativa-domiant high CBD strain is one of the most popular Sativa’s for pain relief. It’s very soothing and you will begin to feel the pain relief quickly.

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