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The Winter Solstice Edition

Welcome To The Show !

Serendipity Community Care presents Shon D’s Wellness Wake Up TV Show LIVE at The Wellness House w/ #TheWellnessLady

The show is produced by SELive365 ~Deon Cash and will include five segments focused on infusing great conversation with a host of talented artist, health and wellness providers and good food prepared by our chef of the month. the five segments: business spotlight of the month | wellness highlight of the month | featured chef of the month | the wellness stage artist of the month | community star of the month.

Season 1

For this first season we have our Chef Series, What’s Cookin’ ?

Each show will have a live audience, opportunities to become a sponsor, live music and different products and services.

Episode 1: Flatbread & Forgiveness w/ Rhea, CEO of Vegan It Iz Eats !

Episode 2: Position For Purpose Conversations w/ Chef Daryl of XO

Episode 3: Jazz & Soul Rolls w/ Chef Jasmine of DELISH

Episode 4: MEN Empower MEN w/ Chef Richard Roman using Dexter Clay’s World Famous Pancake Mix

Episode 5: The Winter Solstice Edition w/ Chef Molly Bee

Watch Us On Youtube !

Each episode along with other wellness tidbits will be posted each month. Thank you for your support !

Join The Live Audience !

Get the ultimate wellness experience by being part of our exclusive studio audience. We have 30 seats available but they go FAST ! Own a business ? Purchase one of 6 exclusive Business Profile Kits.

Thank You To Our Sponsors

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